From 10 years / 2 to 10 players / 15 minutes

The players will form a single word together by adding, in turns, one card at the end of it.
When a player lays a card, they must think of a word beginning with the letters already on the table. For example:

The first player lays the letter P, thinking of the word "PLANE"
The second player lays the letter A, thinking of the word "PAPER"
The third player lays the letter R, thinking of the word "PARADISE"
The fourth player lays a CONSONANT JOKER, thinking of the word "PARSLEY"

Add one of your cards at the end of the word or Accuse the previous player of bluffing.
In that case, the accused player must name a word beginning with the letters on the table aloud.
If he or she can't, he must pick up all cards already laid on the table for that round.
If he or she can, the accuser gets the cards. In all cases, the player who was accused of bluffing will play a card to start a new word.

At any time, even if it isn't on their turn, any player may place a "POINT FINAL" (FULL STOP) if they think a word is entirely and correctly written on the table!