PINK MONKEY Games is a young board game publisher based in Vigneux de Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique) in France, created in 2016 by Julien PERCOT.
3 games were released in 2016: FINAL POINT, LOOPS and GOLD UP and 4 are scheduled for 2017: CONTRAST, IDENTIQUEST, MAGICOA and GANGSTER FAMILY.
Our games are on the stalls of specialty shops in France as well as in more than twenty countries around the world.

Our aim is to create family games, in the primary sense of the word, so accessible to the youngest but without being exclusively reserved for them.
We therefore systematically seek to find simple game mechanics, very fast to master, but allied to a dose of tactics to allow the greatest number of people to have fun.
All our creations are very different and involve different mechanisms and skills (bluff, reflection, tactics, speed, pattern recognition, observation, etc.), but they all have to meet our main criteria: simplicity, speed And universality.